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Dear Art Commotion Staff:

I am greatly enjoying the weekly updates--please keep them coming. I am also "spreading the word," and giving your URL to as many of my artist friends and art dealers in OC as I can.

Once again, thanks for the great site.

Maria T. Schowengerdt (

Got it, Marvelous! Thanks so much

Lights, camera. This is wonderful. My 660 AV is really good. And thanks for providing sound. Viva the revolution. Come see me, I'm good at animation, writing, etc.

Christy Sanford (

Now that I found you...

At first I didn't know that you were there. Thanks to the Calander article, now you are on my bookmark list. Great site! It is well-organized, interesting, informative, etc. etc. etc. I am looking forward to future "issues."

Jennifer Jaskowiak (


I really like the site. I hope people will realize its potential. I guess the chat thing is still in the works? Are you going to have a calandar of events? Anyhow, very nice job.

Mark Seagraves (

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