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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Due to our limited financial resources, ArtCommotion's weekly columns, Booked and Framed, have been suspended indefinitely.

by Madame G
October 28 through November 3

Nick Agid, the world's best etched-lead poet, is gone, gone, gone. Agid's instantly recognizable word bytes on oversized lead objects (pencils, dice, toy houses) are coveted by of their owners. And have you heard the one about the putter? Agid was subjected to a less-than-friendly departure from the Robert Berman Gallery following his neglected solo show last December. Agid sublimated, and crafted an hysterical faux golf putter shaped like a wiener into which the word "Berman" was etched. Tom Patchett bought it for his permanent collection. Posted 10/28

Laslo Nosek "Weapons & Pranic Generators", at half a dozen rose, 6 Rose Ave., Venice, opens October 26. The art work for this show is painting, drawing, and sculpture, and many of the pieces have nebulous, ritual functions. The symbols draw on ancient philosophy and modern conventions of representation, tempered by the immediacy of the experienced moment. Immersing himself in the study of Western and Eastern mystical traditions, Nosek resurrects the art of describing reality. The ancient mystical sciences of Alchemy, Numerology, Astrology and Kabbalah appear in his pieces, indicating startling relationships to contemporary scientific "discovery".

As part of Nosek's exhibition, half a dozen rose will present a nighttime performance by the artist on November 9 titled "Peruvian Exile, or The Three Sons of Viracocha". Nosek recently returned from an extended visit to South America, where he spent time at ancient Inca sites, such as Machu Picchu and other sacred monuments. The performance addresses archeological, mythical and political elements from this experience. Posted 10/28

Paradee Chularee "Immortality", new paintings at Fine Arts by Nuri, 7250 Melrose Ave. Suite #6. Striking totemic paintings on canvas that depict embodiments of human and animal spirits. Elements of ritual African masks and artifacts combine with stylized human forms to produce images of startling sophistication and power. Thick, bright color--almost sculptural--conveys the intensity of these fantastical subjects, and the small size of many of the pieces increases their talismanic quality. The exhibition is an intriguing example of lesser-shown artists who treat many of the same issues as the always-shown artists but often from a more intimate prespective. Posted 10/21

Laurence Gartel at Cal State Long Beach Fine Arts Lecture Series, November 6 at 5 p.m. in Lecture Hall 151. Gartel uses technology to create graphic arts, textiles, public art and public planning. He describes himself as an "electronic photographer," and he uses digital cameras and desktop software to compose and execute his images. His work communicates through rhythm, color, liveliness, movement, pop, and pixilation. Gartel's work firmly established the electronic branch of contemporary photography as an expressive and valid art form. Posted 10/21

"Beyond the Surreal World of Barbie and the Dolls" at A Different Light Bookstore, 8853 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood. An art exhibition of erotic, punk and sacrilegious Barbie assemblages by Kari French, and several other artists participating in a loose group show of painting, sculpture and illustration. This is the perfect sort of exhibition for people who are prepared to escape the pristine white box and play art where it lays. The work is self-consciously rebellious and glowing in adolescent self-amusement. Posted 10/7