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Gagosian Gallery

Buzz Magazine article about Ed Ruscha, Jr.'s rock band webdocs/ISSUE34/talkingmusic34.html

Hear a music clip from Ed Rushca, Jr.'s Maids of Gravity

Craig Krull Gallery

Shoshana Wayne Gallery

Related to Booked (top of page)

Midnight Special Bookstore

Larry Edmunds Bookshop

Books Nippan

Online collection of independent book stores

Related to the Yoko Ono (top of page)

Acorns, 100 Days with Yoko Ono

An un-official Yoko Ono home page

An interesting RealAudio interview with Yoko Ono

A Salon Magazine interview with Yoko Ono about working with her son, Sean

Fluxus sites:

The Fluxus Indian Museum, very much worth visiting

Junior Fluxus, fun happenings and events for kids

Fluxus Online, a selection of Fluxus works

Related to theLari Pittman. (top of page)

ArtScene's review of the Lari Pittman exhibit at LACMA

The Daily Bruin's review of the Lari Pittman exhibit at UCLA's Armand Hammer Museum ae.professor.html

Related to Barry Yourgrau (top of page)

Other stories by Barry Yourgrau

"Some troubles with my Angel", published in Buzz Magazine webdocs/ISSUE27/latales27.html

"Dosageland", published in Buzz Magazine webdocs/ISSUE25/la2050yourgrau25.html

"Horn", published in Instant Classics

Visual Arts (top of page)

Experimental Web artwork by Dutch artists.

The Art DEADLINES List, a list of competitions, grants, scholarships, fellowships, jobs, internships, etc.

Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall, a really extensive graffiti art site

Literary Arts (top of page)

Alt X, a literary magazine

BookWire, comprehensive book info resource

Web del Sol, literary magazine and host of several literary journals

Reference (top of page)

World Wide Art Resources' artist index

Yahoo's listing of authors

The Library of Congress

Hypertext Dictionary, links to various Webster's Dictionary services prog/webster

Hypertext Thesaurus /cgi-bin/thesaurus

More Links (top of page)

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