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Stills from the film "Basquiat"

Bio of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Craig Krull Gallery

(Tiny) Tony Dougherty photograph

Related to Booked (to top of page)

Larry Edmunds Bookshop

Baudrillard on the Web
http://www.uta.ed u/english/apt/collab/baudweb.html

Books Nippan

Homage to independent book stores, by Holly Willis terhood/booksInc.nclk

Related to ArtCommotion literature (to top of page)

WomEnhouse, featuring Amy Gerstler

Benjamin Weissman's writing reviewed /~drhoden/regent/Weissman.html/

Related to Kim Abeles' Equidistant (to top of page)

The George C. Page Museum at the La Brea tar pits

Traffic conditions on Los Angeles freeways
http://www.scubed. com/caltrans/la/la_big_map.shtml

Related to the profile of Ed Moses (to top of page)

The Venice Art Walk, featuring Ed Moses /veniceartwalk/edmoses.htm

Related to the article on abstract expressionism. (to top of page)

The Metro, a review of Landauer's book
http: //

Webmuseum Paris, an overview of abstract expressionism t/wm/paint/tl/20th/abs-expr.html

Visual Arts (to top of page)

The Getty's index of L.A. cultural centers on the Web

World Wide Arts Resources, an exhaustive list of links r/index.html

Scultura Arts Forum Best Art Sites, a juried list of art sites s.html

ArtScene, a Southern California gallery guide

The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

The Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Material: 1/

Literary Arts (to top of page)

Yolk, a magazine that focuses on Asian artists

Word, a literary and cultural magazine

The Nebraska Center for Writers

Multicultural Writers' Group, for cross-cultural writing

Reference (to top of page)

Yahoo's listing of authors

The Library of Congress

Hypertext Dictionary, links to various Webster's Dictionary services prog/webster

Hypertext Thesaurus /cgi-bin/thesaurus

More Links (to top of page)

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